Create Your Own Bitcoin Ordinals NFT

Create Your Own Bitcoin Ordinals NFT
1. Open the Ballet Crypto app and select the cold storage card you will use to pay the inscription fee.

2. Go to “NFTs” then “FOREVER Inscriptions”.


Take “Image” for example.

Select the image you want to inscribe to the Bitcoin blockchain. 

i) Choose your desired image resolution. (Higher resolution images require a higher transaction fee.)

ii) Scan or paste the Bitcoin address you want the Inscription to be sent to.

iii) Choose your desired processing speed and tap SUBMIT. (Faster processing speed requires a higher transaction fee.)

4. Enter the passphrase entropy and tap NEXT.

5. Scan the encrypted private key and tap CONFIRM. (Inscription will be complete within 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on network traffic and the transaction fee you paid.)

6. View your inscription in the Ballet Crypto NFT gallery and the blockchain explorer.

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