How to send cryptocurrency

  1. Tap “SEND” and choose the cryptocurrency you wish to send6_en.jpg
  1. Fill in the required fields 7_en.jpg
    1. Switch to another cryptocurrency
    2. Fill in the deposit address or scan the corresponding QR code of the deposit address
    3. Enter transfer amount
    4. Transaction fee settings
  1. Scratch off the bottom panel to reveal cold storage's passphrase 8_en.jpg
    1. Enter the passphrase
  1. Peel off the top QR code sticker with your public address and scan the encrypted private key (shown on a yellow background) 9_en.jpg
  1. Confirm the transaction details then tap “SEND NOW” 10_en.jpg
  1. The transaction is completed successfully11_en.jpg
    1. View all transaction history

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