Bitcoin advocate Bobby Lee predicts BTC will hit £32K by late 2021


  • Bobby Lee promises to give away a Tesla CyberTruck if BTC hits £31,715 by late 2021.
  • Crypto experts are bullish on the price performance of BTC in the long-term.
  • BTC surges past £7,950 only to plunge once again.

Bobby Lee, the founder and CEO of Ballet, crypto wallet, and a BTC bull has come out to share his prediction for the leading cryptocurrency. According to him, BTC could potentially hit £31,715 by the end of 2021. Lee shared this bullish prediction via a tweet on June 2, adding that if BTC hits his prediction, it would be possible to buy a Tesla CyberTruck with just one BTC. He went on to promise a giveaway of the much-anticipated CyberTruck to a lucky follower that would like and retweet his tweet.

Lee’s tweet read,

“Hey @elonmusk I’m looking forward to the #CyberTruck next year! By then, I predict you can buy it with just one #Bitcoin. If $BTC price exceeds $39,900 by late 2021, I’ll GIVE AWAY a FREE @Tesla CyberTruck to one lucky person who Likes & Retweets this. Yes, I’m serious. #Retweet.”

In a subsequent tweet, Lee urged other crypto enthusiasts that share his belief to purchase BTC at the moment. In so doing, he noted that they would be in a position to buy the CyberTruck should BTC rise to the predicted amount. He went on to set up a poll that gave his followers a chance to vote on whether BTC will hit £31,715 by the end of 2021 or not.

Crypto experts have varying predictions on BTC’s price

Before BTC’s halving on May 11, crypto experts shared their sentiments on how the halving would impact BTC’s price. While the experts did not reach an agreement on how the event would impact the price performance of the leading crypto coin, most predictions were positive. These include predictions from experts such as Anthony Pompliano, Mike Novogratz, and Tudor Jones among others.

Making a prediction that stood out, the CEO and founder of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead said,

“IF history were to repeat itself, bitcoin would peak in August 2021 – at $533,431. Obviously, that’s a big IF. That price sounds ludicrous… Just saying that there’s more than a 50-50 chance bitcoin goes up – and goes up big.”

While most crypto experts are bullish on the price performance of BTC, others have made more reserved predictions. For instance, Arthur Hayes, BitMEX’s CEO said that BTC could easily plunge below £2,380 again. He also said that he believes that the coin has the potential to surge above its all-time high. However, Hayes believes BTC would not surpass its ATH by a large margin. He set his prediction for BTC at £15,900 before this year ends.

BTC touched the £7,950 level but plunged soon afterward

This month began with BTC trading at £7,517. The coin experienced a bullish momentum that saw it rise above the £7,950 level. BTC traded as high as £8,093 on Tuesday before plunging to £7,583. At the time of writing, 9:00 AM UTC, BTC is down 5.81% over the past 24 hours to trade at £7,573.

Do you think BTC will hit Bobby Lee’s prediction of £31,715 by the end of 2021? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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