#What’s the difference between a Ballet wallet and a virtual wallet card?

“Ballet wallet” refers to the physical steel card in the size and shape of a credit card that contains the private key entropy and passphrase entropy. When you use the Ballet Crypto app to scan the primary coin QR code on the Ballet wallet, a “virtual wallet card” is added to the Home page of the app. The virtual wallet card provides a convenient, easy-to-understand way to interface with your physical Ballet wallet. It’s called a “virtual” wallet card because the private key entropy and passphrase entropy are never stored on the app. The virtual wallet card allows you to monitor the amount of cryptocurrency stored on the physical Ballet wallet and see the real-time fiat currency value, as well as several other functions that do not require the private key. However, when you want to send coins out from your Ballet wallet, you need the physical Ballet wallet itself so that you can enter the passphrase entropy and scan the private key entropy QR code.


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