What's the difference between Ballet Cold Storage and traditional paper wallets like bitaddress.org?

The main attribute that Ballet Cold Storage and paper wallets have in common is that they are methods of non-electronic private key storage, but Ballet Cold Storage has several important advantages over traditional paper wallets:

  • Ballet Cold Storage cards are waterproof and extremely durable; paper wallets are not. Laminating a paper wallet can improve its durability, but it would still be less durable than a Ballet Cold Storage card.
  • Ballet Cold Storage cards are manufactured using a patented two-factor key generation process that is extremely secure; self-made paper wallets are vulnerable to malware, malicious code, and user error.
  • Ballet two-factor private keys are concealed under a tamper-evident sticker and scratch-off material to ensure that no one has ever seen and copied the private key. Traditional paper wallets do not have that protection.
  • Ballet Cold Storage cards have multicurrency support; traditional paper wallets do not.

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