#How do you make sure that company employees or anyone with access to Ballet manufacturing facilities cannot steal private key entropy or passphrase entropy during or after the manufacturing process?


Ballet’s innovative two-factor key generation process (2FKG) was designed to eliminate the risk that a rogue employee or a criminal who gains access to our secure manufacturing facilities could steal private key entropies or passphrase entropies. There are multiple layers of protection built into the process.

Ballet’s two-factor key generation process requires the private key entropy and passphrase entropy to be generated separately on offline, air-gapped computers in different locations on different continents by different employees. These two components of the private key are never exposed to the internet or commingled on the same computer or hard drive. Therefore insider theft would require multiple employees to collude, and outsider theft would require both locations to be compromised secretly and simultaneously.

Private keys entropy and passphrase entropy are deleted and overwritten immediately after the manufacturing process. The only copy that exists is contained in non-electronic form on the physical Ballet wallet itself, concealed under the tamper-evident sticker and scratch-off. Therefore even if criminals break into the manufacturing facility, there will be no private key entropy or passphrase entropy for them to steal.

Only a very small number of Ballet’s most experienced and trusted employees are involved in any part of the private key generation and manufacturing process. They have strong incentives to ensure that every wallet produced is secure. If an insider theft ever occurred, it would soon be discovered which employees were responsible, and they would face severe criminal penalties. It would be impossible to commit the crime and get away with it.

Every Ballet employee has a financial and reputational stake in the success of the company, and the success of the company depends on trust. If Ballet customers ever lose coins due to theft or product defect, all trust in the company would be lost and employees’ financial stake would be worthless. Our interests are completely aligned with our customers. Therefore everyone at Ballet has a strong incentive to ensure that standard operating procedures and quality control standards are strictly adhered to at all times.

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