Risks of removing the QR code sticker and passphrase scratch-off

  • Why does the background color of the public address and serial number in the app turn yellow after the card’s first send transaction?

The background color turns yellow to indicate that the security attributes of the card are permanently altered once the QR code sticker is peeled and the passphrase scratch-off removed. You should be aware of the differences before and after in order to avoid unnecessary risk.

(Card shown in app before its first send transaction)

(Card shown in app after its first send transaction)

  • Are Ballet cold storage cards still safe to use after the first send transaction?

If your used cold storage card has been stored securely and you are absolutely sure no one else has had physical access to the card, then it is safe to continue using it for storage and sending. However, it is often impossible to know with certainty whether or not an unauthorized person has gained access to your card without your knowledge. If you are unsure, then you should assume that the card is at risk and not continue to use it.

  • Why is a used Ballet cold storage card less secure?

In order to send crypto assets out from a cold storage card, you must peel the QR code sticker and scratch off the passphrase scratch-off. The first time you peel the tamper-evident QR code sticker, a hexagonal honeycomb pattern appears on the sticker.
Removing the sticker and scratch-off will invalidate the card’s tamper-evident protection, increasing the risk of theft due to unauthorized physical access. 

(Card appearance before removing the QR code sticker and passphrase scratch-off)

(Card appearance after the first transaction, with the honeycomb pattern revealed)

  • What should I do to avoid the risks associated with unauthorized physical access to my Ballet cold storage card?

After you use your cold storage card for the first time, the most certain way to avoid the risk of unauthorized physical access is to transfer the remaining crypto assets on your card to a new cold storage card or crypto wallet, and do not use it again.

  • When should I peel off my cold storage card’s QR code sticker and scratch off the passphrase scratch-off?

We advise you not to peel off the QR code sticker or scratch off the passphrase scratch-off until you are ready to send crypto assets out from your cold storage card. DO NOT discard the tamper-evident QR code sticker. After you peel the sticker and scan the encrypted private key entropy QR code, stick the sticker back in its original position. This will ensure that your cold storage card’s private key entropy components remain protected from unauthorized visual access.

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