How do I send cryptocurrency from my Ballet Cold Storage?

In order to send cryptocurrency from your Ballet Cold Storage card, you need to have possession of the private key entropy and passphrase entropy contained on the physical Ballet Cold Storage card itself. Open the Ballet Crypto app and scan the primary coin QR code on your Ballet Cold Storage card to add a virtual card to the Home Page. Tap on the virtual card to go to the Cold Storage Page. Tap “Send” and select the cryptocurrency you want to send OR select the cryptocurrency account you want to send coins out from and tap “Send” to go to the Send Page. Scan the cryptocurrency address you want to send coins to and tap “Next”. Enter the amount of coins you want to send. Scratch off the scratch-off strip along the bottom of your Ballet Cold Storage to reveal the passphrase entropy. Enter the passphrase entropy and tap “Next”. Peel off the QR code sticker on your Ballet Cold Storage card to reveal the private key entropy. Scan the private key entropy and tap “Next”. Verify that the transaction details are correct and then tap “Send Now”.

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