How To Send Crypto Assets

  1. Tap "Send" and select the desired crypto asset.

  1. Fill in the required fields. 

a. Scan or copy and paste the crypto address you want to send assets to.

b. Enter the amount you want to send.

c. Adjust the miner fee as needed (make sure you have enabled Expert Mode).

  1. Gently scratch off to reveal the passphrase entropy and enter it in the app.

* Enter the passphrase entropy

  1. Peel off the QR code sticker and scan the private key entropy on the yellow sticker under it. 

* Do NOT remove or damage the yellow sticker.It contains your private key entropy.

  1. Confirm the transaction details, then tap “SEND NOW.” You will see a page confirming that your transaction has successfully been sent to the blockchain. 

Your transaction will be complete after confirmation. Tap “DONE” to return to card details. 

  1. Tap the crypto asset to view the transaction history.

*Tap “More” to view the card’s entire transaction history.


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