How do I deposit cryptocurrency to my Ballet Cold Storage?

Each Ballet Cold Storage card has a primary coin as well as multicurrency support. To deposit cryptocurrency to the primary coin address, use the cryptocurrency wallet app you want to send coins from to scan the QR code on your Ballet Cold Storage that shows the primary coin address. To deposit other cryptocurrencies to your Ballet Cold Storage, you must use the Ballet Crypto mobile app and follow these steps: Open the app and scan the primary coin QR code on your Ballet Cold Storage card to add a virtual card to the app Home Page. Tap on the virtual card to go to the app Cold Storage Page. Tap “Add more coins” to go to the Manage Accounts Page. Toggle the cryptocurrency accounts you want to activate. Return to the Cold Storage Page to see the newly-activated accounts. Tap “Deposit” to go to the Deposit Page and swipe right or left to see the cryptocurrency address of each activated account OR tap on a cryptocurrency account to go to the Account Page to see the address.

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