Receive & Send NFT on Ballet Cold Storage

Scenario 1:

Send NFT from MetaMask to Ballet Cold Storage.

Step 1: Open MetaMask Mobile App and find the NFT you want to send. (The browser plug-in MetaMask does not support sending NFT).




Step 2: Select the specific NFT and tap “Send”.



Step 3: Copy and Paste a Ballet NFT Receive Address to the “Send to” page on MetaMask. Then tap “Next”.

Regarding how to obtain the Ballet NFT Receive Address, please refer to step 3.1.



Step 3.1: Select a cold storage card, tap “Receive”, and copy the address you want to receive the NFT. (Ballet currently supports NFTs on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.)


Step 4: Confirm the amount and tap “Next”.


Step 5: Review the Receive Address, Estimated Gas Fee and Total Fee, confirm that there are no errors and tap “Send”. Once completed you are ready to receive your NFT on your Ballet Crypto App.

Please make sure there is enough ETH in your MetaMask to cover the Gas Fee.


Scenario 2:

Sell NFT in Ballet Crypto App on OpenSea.

Step 1: Visit, click “My wallet”, choose “WalletConnect”.



Step 2: Scan the displayed QR code by using the “WalletConnect” function in your Ballet Crypto App.


Step 2.1: Find the “WalletConnect” function in your Ballet Crypto App.



Step 3: After linking your Ballet Crypto App with OpeaSea, you can view your collected NFT stored in the Ballet Crypto App on OpeaSea. You can then select a NFT and click “Sell”.





Step 4: Set your price and complete listing.





Step 5: Approve the sell request in your Ballet Crypto App.



Scenario 3:

Send NFT from Ballet Cold Storage to another wallet (such as MetaMask or another Ballet cold storage card).


Step 1: Select a card, tap “NFTs”, and select your NFT collection in the list.



Step 2: Tap “Send” in the details page.



Step 3: Paste a receive address from another wallet (such as MetaMask) into the “To” field, tap “Next”.

Regarding how to obtain the NFT receive address from MetaMask, please refer to step 3.1.



Step 3.1: How to find the NFT receive address on the MetaMask App.

Open your MetaMask App, tap “Receive”, then tap “Copy” and paste it into the “To” field in your Ballet Crypto App in step 3.




Step 4: Scratch off the bottom strip of your Ballet Cold Storage card and enter the passphrase.



Step 5: Peel off your Ballet Cold Storage card’s top sticker and scan your Encrypted Private Key.




Step 6: Review and Send.

Check the send and receive address and tap “SEND NOW”, after waiting for a few block confirmations, your request will then be sent. After that, you are ready to receive the NFT on the other wallet.





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